Having been a long time fan of Disney’s animated works, and in particular a big fan of Tangled, I was very much looking forward to Frozen, Disney’s latest animated offering from the makers of Tangled.

The premise is fairly simple, centering on two princesses of Arendelle named Anna and Elsa. The two are close as can be as children, their innocent mirth doubled by Elsa’s magical powers that enable her to create ice and snow. However, when Elsa accidentally injures her sister with her powers, it is decided for everyone’s safety the two should be kept apart. When Elsa comes of age to take the throne of the kingdom, her powers have reached dangerous levels, and when she unintentionally renders the whole kingdom an icy wasteland, it’s up to Anna to help save the day.

For most of the film, Disney offers us its fairly traditional and well trusted elements – princesses, a loveable mascot (in this case a snowman), romance and song. With Idina Menzel voicing Elsa, her performance of “Let It Go” is undoubtedly one of the musical high points of the film.

Another stand out feature for animation fans has to be the stunning visuals. The conflicts surrounding Elsa’s powers make up the main crux of the film, so Disney have put their all into reflecting both the danger and the beauty of what she can do, from terrifying shards of ice to beautiful snowflakes and stunning swirls of snow. However, the heart of the film remains the relationships between the characters, with the central relationship being between Elsa and Anna. Strong, positive relationships between two women are rare to find in animated Disney films, so it is a joy to see as we approach 2014 a film that not only creates female characters with motivations that don’t revolve entirely around romance, but also women who can take care of themselves (towards the end of the film we see Anna punch a character who treated her badly).

Funny, stunning, heart warming and with an excellent musical score, Frozen is not a film to miss!


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