A “multi-platformer horror romance” – Catherine sounds like an interesting game already. Our protagonist is one Vincent Brooks, a man in his early thirties working a dull office job and not really finding any direction in life. His long-time girlfriend, the smart and sophisticated Katherine, is beginning to get restless, which isn’t too surprising – the game refers to them having been together around seven years, and they still aren’t living together.

With Katherine pushing for a commitment from Vincent, he isn’t sure which way to turn, even less so when he begins to have strange nightmares which spill over into the real world as he wakes up next to a busty flirty blonde named Catherine he has no recollection of bedding.

The multi-platform levels are certainly fun, with multiple difficulty levels to choose from. There are enough unpredictable elements with ice blocks, bomb blocks, enemies, and a loose sense of a time limit to keep things interesting. You also have a mini boss at the end of each set of levels, with a ghoulish figure that represents Vincent’s primary worry at that stage of the game. These bosses each have slightly different strengths designed to keep you from finishing the level, but some might find levels a bit repetitive all the same.

This game is best for those who love a strong storyline, as the joy comes in choosing which path you want to take – your long time love Katherine, or the seductive and mysterious Catherine. Alongside the multi-platform levels, you can interact with characters during the day in the appropriately named Stray Sheep bar, making choices that will steer the game. These choices are as simple as how you phrase texts to Katherine and Catherine, or what responses you give when speaking to your friends in the bar, which really emphasises the overarching message of the game that even our seemingly small actions are shaping our lives all the time.

If you like a clever, thought provoking game that considers the question when and if we should settle down, with neat classical music touches and quirky anime graphics, Catherine is the game to pick up. If you have the patience to keep battling through the levels you can get all the endings too, including the supernatural twist.


One thought on “Catherine

  1. Oh man, what a game!

    I had so much fun playing it. I didn’t think i’d enjoy it. I’m not one to watch anime, or read those types of comics or anything but I found it really enjoyable. I really liked the distinction between “the day” and “the night” and how the two different gameplay styles complimented each other but were wildly different. The characters were pretty good too, some of the friends in the bar started out a little one dimensional but over time there were a few layers added. Vincent was at times annoying but at the same time endearing.

    The puzzles could the hard as ass though at times.

    Lastly, the game has alcohol trivia. Best game ever.

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