Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi is a shy bespectacled young woman who feels ashamed to have not blossomed into a “princess”, especially as so many beautiful girls surround her in Tokyo. Her passion is jellyfish, stemming from a young age in which she would visit them with her mother, and admire their simple beauty. This hobby helps her feel close to her mother, who she lost some years ago, so jellyfish have a special place in her heart.

Tsukimi is no good with people, but she sure knows her jellyfish!
                            Tsukimi is no good with people, but she sure knows her jellyfish!

One evening, whilst trying to rescue a jellyfish, Tsukimi meets an incredibly beautiful woman. Not long after arriving back at Tsukimi’s all girl dorm, filled with other dorky ladies, each with their own unusual interests, Tsukimi is shocked to discover this stunning woman is actually a stunning man called Kuranosuke. She has no experience with the opposite sex whatsoever and is surprised by his interest in her.

Complications begin to ensue when he returns to the dorm dressed as a woman. Men are forbidden at the dorm so if Tsukimi’s fellow residents find out, she’s in trouble.

Whilst the culture clash of the “normal” and glamourous folk such as Kuranosuke and his family against the nerdy and socially inept girls of the dorm provides for obvious misunderstandings and often hyperactive comedy, it also touches on a more serious point that no matter what type of person you are, everyone has a heart, and deserves respect and kindness.

Although the wacky over the top antics of the characters can get a bit wearing, this is a shoujo anime with heart, and if you have the patience for a little repetitive insanity, Tsukimi’s tenderly represented yearnings and burgeoning womanhood offer a relatable account for anyone who remembers the first stirrings of love.


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