BONJOUR Sweet Love Patisserie

It’s not too hard to guess what kind of anime BONJOUR Sweet Love Patisserie is. If the title alone didn’t give you a clue, the rivalries and love interest are introduced within minutes, and the attractive array of head patissiers are all accompanied by trite anime sparkle and rose petal sequences. Although I enjoy light and fluffy anime, the characters here fall so much into tropes – the sweet, mild mannered heroine, the goofy friend, the bitchy rival and the aloof male – that it’s hard to feel invested from the offset.

This anime is based on a mobile game which I presume is a dating sim as in the anime Sayuri (our pink haired heroine) spends different episodes with the different male patissiers and has clichéd romantic moments with each. These moments are occasionally serious as Sayuri learns a little about each guy, but it’s hard to get into any character developing moment as it’s often interrupted by a cliched over the top romantic occurrence such as a hand touch or Sayuri falling against one of the men’s broad chests.

Each episode is also only five minutes long, including start and end credits, but even after several episodes I didn’t really feel I was developing an interest in the characters or the storyline.

If you’re happy with bishie boys and nice cakes to look at, and some light fluffy romance this anime will do the trick. If you’re looking for a teen drama with a bit more depth, it’d be best to look elsewhere.


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