Your Lie In April

Your Lie in April
Kousei Arima is a musical prodigy who has lost that sparkle in his eye, according to his lifelong female friend Tsubaki. Everything begins to change when he meets a fellow musician named Kaori, who instantly recognises him as the well known pianist of his generation who used to effortlessly scoop first prize in countless competitions. When she learns he has abandoned the instrument she determines to bring him back to his passion of piano playing which had been tainted by painful memories.

Kousei and Kaori’s relationship to the complexities and beauty of classical music come to mirror the complexities and wonder of the feelings unfolding between them. As she watches them bond, Tsubaki’s jealousy and romantic confusion is convincing and heart rending to watch.

The music and visuals really underline the warmth of burgeoning feelings for the teenage characters with an array of soft sunsets, cherry blossom breezes and bittersweet piano melodies that continually provide a romantic backdrop that has you feeling like you’re falling in love right alongside each character.

Will Kousei fall for Kaori?
Will Kousei fall for Kaori?
Or will Kousei realise his feelings for childhood friend Tsubaki?

The real strength of this anime is its believability. The characters really feel like young teenagers, their maturity and adolescence just beginning to surface. Kousei and Tsubaki’s childhood friendship feels like a genuine bond that isn’t overstated, which is what makes the introduction of Kaori so heartfelt and convincing as we witness each character struggle with their own feelings. The addition of Kousei’s ongoing struggle to reclaim his passion and talent for the piano from a shadow of pain and suffering adds a mature depth to this anime.

Although Your Lie in April specialises in those scenic, romantic moments, it also provides  an excellent study of all universal human emotion – not feeling good enough, not wanting to let others down, not wanting to be consumed by fear.

Emotionally honest and visually captivating, Your Lie in April is not an anime to miss. If you like romance, emotion, and classical music – what are you waiting for?


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