Meteor Prince (volume 1)


I am quite fussy about my manga, and it has honestly been a while since I read a new one, but I was drawn to the glossy cover, starry pattern and art style of Meteor Prince in the manga section of Waterstones and decided to give it a go.

The story centres on 16 year old Hako Natsuno, a sweet girl who bad luck follows wherever she goes. Her usual accidents involve things falling out the sky, but things get a lot weirder when a naked alien boy falls out of the sky who claims they have the same wavelength and she must mate with him and bear his children!

The boy calls himself Io and tells Hako he is from the planet Yupita. On Yupita, people mate with people of a different race, and have a heart stone which tells them if someone has the same wavelength as them. Io believes Hako has the exact same wavelength as him, which makes her his soulmate.

Naturally, what follows is a series of fluffy and light shenanigans as Io proceeds to declare his love for Hako at every opportunity, treat her like his girlfriend and ask at the most inappropriate times if they can mate. He reminds me a little of Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club in that he is blonde, handsome, and acts much like an eager and loveable puppy dog most of the time.

In the first volume, the focus is on the romance more than the supernatural elements, though there is one impressive scene in which Io transforms into a dolphin. Being an alien he also has the ability to turn into whatever he likes which is used well for both comedic and serious effect.

I’m not sure where this manga is going to go but it is cute and fun and if you’re looking for a new shoujo manga to get into with wacky hijinks and romantic moments this ticks both boxes.



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