Sanrio Stickers from Katzwhiskas UK


Being the huge Hello Kitty fan that I am (I can tell you her twin sister is called Mimmy, her boyfriend is called Dear Daniel and other such trivia), I was in the mood to purchase something Sanrio related and had a good browse around the internet recently.

As someone living in the UK, Hello Kitty and other Sanrio related merchandise can be a bit thin on the ground, or not always the kind of thing I’m looking for, so I was pleased to find a UK website called Katzwhiskas which sells a wide variety of Sanrio and other stuff, a lot of which you wouldn’t see in high street shops. Some of the products are things I recognised from high street shops which are now cheaper on the website as well, great for anyone seeking a bargain!

I decided to order a Hello Kitty and a My Melody sticker set, which were £3.99 each. Each included 61 stickers in a cute little plastic wallet shaped like a bag.

Both of these also came in a cute little bag covered with Sanrio characters which I thought was a nice touch! The bag had the Japanese Sanrio website on it which makes me think it might be a Japanese Sanrio bag as well which really made me feel like I was buying a Japanese Sanrio product.

IMG_20150425_153704 (1)

In the pack you get 60 small stickers and one large sticker. You get two of each small sticker. I was impressed with the range in colour and style of the stickers. This would make a great present for a Sanrio fan of any age as the stickers could be used in a variety of ways.

Overall, I was impressed with the product and service from Katzwhiskas and I am sure I will be using them again at some point in the future.

To have a look yourself, check out



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