This Boy is a Professional Wizard


This Boy is a Professional Wizard is a short anime about hard-working and shy wizard Chiharu who meets outgoing redhead Toyohi at the bar he regularly frequents. Toyohi is instantly smitten and makes no bones about declaring his feelings for Chiharu after their first meeting, and arranging a date with him at the aquarium.

Chiharu takes a little longer to realise his own feelings, particularly as his fellow wizard colleagues are questioning why he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend. He also feels insecure about himself and thinks he has nothing to recommend him other than his magic, a career which eats up a lot of his time and energy.

The bartender ships them already…
The cocktails look like starry skies, always a bonus!

This Boy is a Professional Wizard is a sweet and interesting look at insecurity and how it can damage budding relationships. For me, the real stand out feature is the animation style which has a beautiful watercolour effect and often uses many traditional Japanese motifs such as cherry blossoms, Japanese calligraphy and traditional Japanese dress. Combined with the rich and sparkling colour palette it feels like watching a traditional Japanese painting combined with anime, and is worth watching the anime alone to see.

It was also refreshing to see this anime avoid a lot of the cliché seme/uke tropes of yaoi anime – although Toyohi makes all the moves on Chiharu it’s clear he respects his boundaries, and there are no dodgy non consenual sex scenes that yaoi anime is renowned for.

The complete anime of this is only just over thirty minutes long altogether, making it an easy watch for any boy’s love fan looking to try something new but not wanting to commit to a really long anime.